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Artist statement

I am interested in the transformation and re-invention of a diverse range of forms. The worlds of architecture and applied arts supply me with many sources. All of my works begin with specific references; the form developed and transformed through revised drawings resulting in variety of possible interpretations. The outcome is an abstracted version, but often retains a suggestion or essence of the initial source.
My works have a fragmented feeling, like parts of a stage set. They are places of possibility. The formal elements interact in an illusory world and sometimes the feeling of perspective is lost.

As part of my interest in the healing quality of the art making, I find myself drawn towards the aesthetic of ritualistic and ceremonial artifacts. However, I use primarily cheap, industrial materials in my work, as opposed to the materials used in culturally significant artifacts.

A parallel interest in my work has been the play between two and three-dimensional space. Each dimension maintains its presence simultaneously, creating tension between them. By weaving elements from three-dimensional space into a two-dimensional drawing, an attempt is made to capture other characteristics that are in their nature temporary, elusive and abstract.

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